Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Disembodied Hand, Part II

A few days after writing the post about The Disembodied Hand, I came across these little arms at a vintage flea market. For no logical reason I felt that I had to have them. My dearest boyfriend thinks I'm kind of a wierdo as do my lovely mom and sisters who were with me when I bought them. I'm pretty sure I am a bit strange...

Have you ever bought something completely bizarre and impractical (and maybe a little creepy) simply because you felt some unexplainable burning desire to make it your own?

I also mentioned in that post reading something about the fetishization of the lady's hand in Victorian times. It was an excerpt from a book titled The Flesh Made Word: Females Figures and Women's Bodies. If you are interested it can be read on Google books HERE.

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Fala Cedar said...

Erm...yes...I have a very old and tatty stuffed black grouse in my dining room. I found it at the antiques show a few years ago for $25.00 and I felt sorry for it! I had to have it. I named it Toulouse, the Mystery Chicken because I had no idea what sort of bird it was at the time. I may have mentioned the stuff crow I own, too. I have all kinds of dead stuff in my house because I find it at thrift stores and feel bad for it. I hate to see stuff like furs or horns end up in the landfill, it doesn't seem very respectful to the poor animal who perished for it. So yeah, I understand the bizarre and impractical.

poet said...

Disembodied hands = scary. Fetishization of women's bodies in Victorian era = interesting (purely scientifically, of course!). I have a post about corsets planned for some time next week... :) Thanks for your comment - if you find the article I'll be very interested in reading it!


Missantrhopics said...

Those are great, if I'd have seen them I would have bought them. As for buying bizarre and impractical things I am pretty much the queen of that LOL. I once bought the most heinous jug, made of leather patches and bronze studs, with an old sailing ship painted on one panel. When I saw it I exclaimed, "Oh my god it's hideous! I must have it!" That sort of thing seems to happen a lot.

Lisa said...

I've gotta say that those are really pretty cool. I'm always picking up strange little things that no one else I know "gets."

Róisín said...

I can't believe I almost missed that post on the disembodied hand, it was great! I know what you mean about dreams having a lasting effect. My earliest memory is actually of I dream that's still as vivid as ever.

Anyway, back to this post. I love these little arms, even if they are very creepy indeed. I'm glad you bought them, everybody deserves a completely random little treat every so often! And when it comes to random treats, the less practical and more frivilous the better. These are particularly wonderful. Sure you can pass them on to your grandchildren someday, the perfect little heirloom to sum up their nan :)